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Gulls off the pier in Wilmingdon, North Carolina
This image was taken while Henry was filming "One Christmas," with Katherine Hepburn. To stop the action of the birds against the water, a fast shutter speed creates the effect.


Photo: Henry Winkler.  Settings: f5.6, 1/125
Reflections on a Venice Canal
Here, Winkler conveys a serene afternoon and simultaneously captures the charm of the architecture of the city. The photograph is well balanced by placing the sidewalk in between the actual structures and reflections, at the top third of the image area.


Photo: Henry Winkler.  Settings: f8, 1/250
Details in Venice
A timeless effect is achieved in this lovely scene of a wooden dingy secured to a docking space. The beautiful colors are enhanced by using a close-up lens and focusing on details


Photo: Henry Winkler.  Settings: f8, 1/250
Mountain scene in Canada
This shot was taken, while Henry was filming the movie, "A Child Is Missing." The beauty of this image is enhanced with the foreground branches completely encircling the tree trunk within the center of the shot. This also creates an interesting depth-of-field sensibility.


Photo: Henry Winkler.  Settings: f4, 1/25
Contrast of City & Nature
Henry gives himself photo-assignments as part of his interest in photography. In this case, he has created a different perspective by pointing his camera toward the ground instead of the usual eye-level approach.


Photo: Henry Winkler.  Settings: f8, 1/100
Wild Flower
Remember that beautiful images can be found just about anywhere, including your own back yard, as was the case here for Henry. He obscured the background by using a wide aperture opening and this allows the viewer to concentrate more on the sunlight falling onto the flower.


Photo: Henry Winkler.  Settings: f5.6, 1/500
Fall Foliage in Wisconsin
Remember that if you keep your camera ready, even when in the car, beautiful images can be captured when least expected. Henry created an inviting scene by using the branches and bright leaves against the water in a vertical composition.


Photo: Henry Winkler.  Settings: f8, 1/200
Los Angeles Sunset
Taking advantage of the magic light just after sunset, Henry conveys a sensibility that is not frequently associated with Los Angeles. It is lucky that he had his camera with him at the right moment to do so.


Photo: Henry Winkler.  Settings: f2.8, 1/25

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why am I here when I clicked on a link not associated with this page?



Me, too....why am i here when i clicked on a link not associated with this page?

Unless, of course, Henry Winkler is the owner of this page. But I would have preferred to see examples of Henry Winkler's photography.



Hey, I had to delve a little further, and I succeeded in my search.

You have to click on site map at the bottom of the page to find what you are looking for. In my case, I found the photographs taken by celebrities and, lo and behold, Henry Winkler's exhibits were listed.




The "Contrast of City & Nature" is a nice creative shot. In my opinion, the best of his photos posted on this website.
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