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I enjoy photography because with today’s high resolution digital cameras you get instant results.  People want to see what they look like in your photo.  It is a kind of social thing to take someone’s photo and have them ask you to see it immediately.  Then, with the advent of photo printing services such as Snap Fish, you can upload and share photos right away.  I love when a photo comes out great.  No closed eyes, no red eye, everyone is smiling and the background is great and it’s in focus.  I love ordering the good photos and giving them away to my family and friends.  I also like to categorize them and view them often.  Sometimes after a event (my 50th Bday) or a trip I have people over and show them a slide show on a big screen.
building architecture miami yellow red gold
© 2006 Eugenio "Geno" Jaramillo
singer concert nightclub band picture
© 2006 Eugenio "Geno" Jaramillo
mall skylight christas decoration
© 2006 Eugenio "Geno" Jaramillo
skiing snow portrait mountain
© 2006 Eugenio "Geno" Jaramillo
miami university hurricanes football crowd stand
© 2006 Eugenio "Geno" Jaramillo

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