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Born and raised in Seattle, Washington with a Business degree from the University of Washington, Darrell Gulin is one man who can say he followed his dream and made it happen.

Darrell went to college and married his high school sweetheart. He became the Vice President in charge of operations for a liquor distribution company in Washington State and Alaska. Eighteen years ago he started to take pictures on his travels and fell in love with his hobby so much that he decided to market his photographs just two years later. Nine years ago he decided it was time to become a full time nature photographer, selling his images through editorial markets, stock agencies, workshops and seminars.

While Darrell travels a lot, he has created a business right in his backyard by taking advantage of the wet Seattle weather and planting up a storm on his 3/4-acre lot. He loves flowers and turned this love into a great business. His photographs can be found in some of the most prestigious magazines including: Popular Photography , Outdoor Photographer, Outdoor & Nature, Newsweek, National Geographic, Audubon and Wilderness. Nature calendars are also a big outlet for his work and most of the major calendars have showcased his images including: Audubon, Sierra Club, Kodak , Browntrout, Cedco, Nature Conservancy, Greenpeace, Day Dream and Inner Reflections.

Darrell conducts workshops through Popular Photography Photo Workshops , International Wildlife Adventures, Coupeville Workshops, Palm Beach Photographic Workshops and Cowboy Way Annual Workshop.

By pre-visualizing images or concepts, he has planted garden areas according to the pictures that he wanted to take. Sometimes it is an entire year before he can shoot something he has been thinking about and other times he walks out and sees something wonderful to record.

Darrell says that the most frequently asked question when giving lectures is how much film does he shoot. The answer was the astounding number of 17,000 images went out to stock agencies this past year and that was less than 5% of the photographs he had taken!

The pictures presented on the following page feature tips & tricks on how Darrell has made successful images from simple concepts.

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Mike Crow


Ahhhh,another great Seattle artist,great work Darrell,love the blue bubbles. It takes me back to the sixties.
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