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Mark Seliger has captured some of the most famous faces in the world in innovative poses. He takes portrait photography to a new level by integrating clever environments and symbolism.

His last project was the best selling book, Physiognomy, which was filled with a riveting cast of characters culled from the celebrity subjects he had photographed as the chief photographer for both Rolling Stone and US magazines.

Mark Seligers new book, Lenny Kravitz displays this same instinct for portraiture. One of the opening images is a beautiful color shot of Lenny Kravitz playing guitar with his eyes shut and his long dreadlocks blurred by their swinging motion.

I turn the page and study a black and white portrait of Lenny Kravitz gazing at the camera with a delicate light falling over his face and body. The next page is blurry, filled with an informal picture of Lenny smiling while his dreadlocks blend with the background to create an interesting mix of shapes. As the book continues, I begin to realize the vast range of Seligers deft photographic skills while I peak into the world of Lenny Kravitz.

The book begins with a section called a conversation where Mark conducts an interview with Lenny. The interview focuses on Lennys music, family and influences and leads perfectly into the selection of photographs of Lenny playing guitar as well as playing with his daughter, friends, father and grandfather. Mark has a flawless ability to capture the intensity of Lenny when he is performing. The timing and composition of the images is exacting and I can almost hear the sound of his guitar emanating from the pages.

Another group of powerful images scattered through the book are shots of Lenny with his family and in particular, his daughter Zoe. Mark has selected a solid group of both black and white as well as color images, which succeed in depicting the strength and importance of family in Lennys life. My favorite image is a black and white shot of Lenny carrying his daughter in his arms. They are outside and the photograph appears playful and spontaneous, a reflection Lennys relationship with his daughter. The image seems natural and neither Lenny nor his daughter is looking at the camera. It is a personal picture, one that is difficult to capture, but Mark makes it look easy.

The photographs in the book span a number of years, from as early as 1992 to as recent as 2001. They provide a glimpse into the life of Lenny Kravitz; how he spends his time on the road, what his dog looks like as well as a selection of significant people in his life.

Because of his emotional proximity to his subject, Mark is able to create a truly intimate portrait of the rock performer from multiple angles. By teasing out Kravitz's considerable charisma, prodigious energy, and undeniable sex appeal, Mark produces dazzling pictures of this musician who enjoys immense popularity among fans of all ages.

-Melanie J. Ross

For more info on how you can get your hands on a copy of Lenny Kravitz check out Arena Editions Online

All profits received by Lenny Kravitz and Mark Seliger from sales of this book will be donated to charity.

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