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Glamour photography, which recalls Hollywood's famous pinup girls, is enjoying renewed popularity as more women seek images of themselves that capture their sensuality and inner beauty, with class and dignity. Husbands, fiances and boyfriends are discovering that these portraits of the women in their lives are flattering and enduring gifts. 


Says Michael P. Toothman, principal photographer with Los Angeles-based Visible Metaphor, "Glamour can be empowering and therapeutic when approached with sensitivity and as a mutual collaboration.”


Michael offers the following tips: 


1. Put your subject at ease. The quality of your images will be directly proportional to the comfort level of your subject. Prior to the session, discuss what you want to accomplish and agree upon location, wardrobe, and other details.


Glamour Photography


Knowing your subject’s favorite poses and site preferences in advance make for an effective and efficient photo session. Photo of model Lora Michelle was shot in Nelson, NV, in 2009.

Visible Metaphor ©2009



2. Clarify subject preferences. Ask your girlfriend, wife, fiancée to look through magazines and websites for poses and images she likes and have her give them to you. These insights will give you a better understanding of her objectives and help you plan more effectively. 



Glamour Photography Tips

A blurred background and elegant jewelry on a simple dress keep focus on model Jamillette Gaxiola. Captured in Las Vegas, NV, in 2010.

Credit:  Visible Metaphor ©2010



3. Try different views. Move around your subject and try different angles and elevations. Images captured from less-than-obvious angles often are more artistic and creative.



Glamour Photography Tutorial

The photographer selected this less-than-obvious vantage point for a more creative, artistic image of model Riley Reynolds. Captured in Las Vegas, NV, in 2009.

Credit:  Visible Metaphor ©2009



4. One light, one reflector. Avoid on-camera flash because it creates a flat, washed out, unnatural look. Position a light high, to one side of your subject and a reflector at half-height on the other side. Move the light until a triangle of light appears under her eye on the side opposite the light, with the shadow no wider than her eye or longer than her nose.  



Glamour Photography Tip

In this photo of model Shelby Ford, classic Rembrandt-style lighting was achieved with only one light and a reflector.  Shot in Las Vegas, NV, in 2009.

Credit:  Visible Metaphor ©2009  



5. Avoid distractions. To focus attention on the subject, avoid cluttered backgrounds. Remove distractions or blur the background by widening your aperture and decreasing your depth of field.



Glamour Photography How To

To keep the viewer’s attention on model Amy Davis, all distractions were eliminated from the background. Shot in San Diego, CA, in 2009.

Credit:  Visible Metaphor ©2009



6. Comfortable clothing. By wearing outfits in which your subject feels cozy and sexy, she will be more relaxed and confident during the session. Enhance with a favorite hat, belt and simple, elegant jewelry.   


Alice B. Miller is the owner of Plum Communications Inc. (, a Long Island, NY-based editorial services and marketing communications company that supports the photo industry. Previously the editor of Studio Photography magazine, Alice has a growing clientele that includes photographers, manufacturers, publications and associations. She is the director of public relations for the International Photographic Council.


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