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It’s a dream I experienced this past December, during Antarctica’s summer, aboard the Russian ship the M/V Professor Multanovskiy, which is outfitted for photographers and travelers like myself. I booked the trip (actually promoted as an expedition) to the Antarctica Peninsula through Quark Expeditions (www.quarkexpeditions.com), specialists in Polar exploration.

Check out my ANTARACTICA 2005 Album to get an idea of the tremendous photo opportunites that are avaiblle at the bottom of the world.

1 watch your step
Watch Your Step!  © 2005 Rick Sammon

There is a lot of penguin poop in the penguin colonies. Watch your step. It's very slippery. AND SMELLY!

fill the frame
Fill the Frame  © 2005 Rick Sammon

One of my photo tips is, "The name of the game is to fill the frame." Bring a telephoto zoom for full-frame portraits. I photographed this weddell seal with my Canon 100-400mm zoom lens. More tips in my books at www.ricksammon.com

Do It With Duotones  © 2005 Rick Sammon

I liked the effect that Duotones offered when applied to pictures taken on overcast days.

jumpin for joy
Jumpin' for Joy  © 2005 Rick Sammon

These guys are hard to photogrpah when they are flying through the air. I used a shutter speed of 1/1000th sec. to stop the action.

bottom of the world
Bottom of the World  © 2005 Rick Sammon

Yes, the world does look round when you get to the bottom. Canon 15mm lens, of course.

animal behavior
Animal Behavior is Better than a Posed Shot  © 2005 Rick Sammon

I used a Canon 100-400mm IS zoom for this full-frame shot of a pair of penguins.

RAW Rules
RAW RULES  © 2005 Rick Sammon

As I say in my DVDs, "RAW RULES." Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II, Canon 28 to 105mm lens. Image opened in Camera Raw and then ehhancd a bit in Photoshop CS2. DVD info at www.rickspixelmagic.com.

ice sculpture
Ice Sculpture  © 2005 Rick Sammon

This is actually a natural ice formation - no Photoshop work. A polarizing filter helped to reduce the reflections on the ice and water. It also helped to darken the sky.

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Esther Mitchell


Hi, I am surfing the net for pictures which could emphasize a fashion trendbook I make and sell to fashion designers. I would like to ask for your permission to use some of your pictures. I have an Eskimo theme and your pictures would be great for this theme. Best regards Esther Mitchell, Denmark :)

hector martinez


rick is one of the best out there



its fentastic...superbbbb.



Yes I have often heard that penguin poop was slippery and smelly, but they do eat a lot of fish and I would imagine that the Phish Pharts are quite bad too, but as they say whatever makes your clicker Click, and I loved your article.keep up the 'GREAT' Posts.
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